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Sep 15 2015

Why were Microsoft speaking at the latest Apple event?

It’s common knowledge that Apple and Microsoft have not always seen eye to eye. On-going arguments about technology patents and obviously selling competing software have meant they are not always best of friends.
What people were even more surprised about, was this was the unveiling of Apples new iPad Pro, with a larger screen, attachable keypad and an Apple Pen (stylus). The iPad Pro is pretty much direct competition for the Microsoft Surface Pro.

So why was Microsoft there?

This is all to do with Apple trying to drive their products into the corporate market. When talking about productivity, Apples Chief Marketer, Phil Schiller, described how the new apps created for the iPad Pro can help with productivity in the workplace. At this point, Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft’s Office division came out and presented the new Office apps for the iPad Pro.

Microsoft has a more than credible reputation when it comes to selling office products for the business environment. Apple have recently paired up with network giants Cisco to try to sell more iPhones to corporations. They have also worked with IBM to develop apps for businesses. Microsoft can help apple gain more credibility when moving into the corporate sales environment.

The fact that Microsoft have also teamed up with Dell and Hewlett Packard who also sell their own range of tablets, looks like a sign that all tablet manufactures are aware of the fact tablet sales are declining and they believe working together may be the best option to create a larger demand.

It’s not the first time Apple and Microsoft have worked together. In recent years Google have proved Apple’s biggest threat and with Google offering free cloud based software rivalling Microsoft Office 365. They have teamed up on multiple times to get one up on Google.

The incompatibility of Apple and Microsoft has been a large barrier for business IT professionals when choosing which one to run for their company. It appears both Apple and Microsoft are willing to put their differences aside in a bid to make their products more harmonious and satisfy the desires of their users. Businesses can expect to see a greater marketing push from Apple towards businesses.

Expect to see Microsoft products ramp up their exposure in the business market. Recent talks at VMware and a scheduled presentation at Salesforce is a heavy indication Microsoft believe collaboration of software for businesses is what the corporate market desire.