Technology in Motion

Flex IT was formed because we were disillusioned by many in the industry. The potential for technology to aid business growth and development was evident, but too many companies were being sold systems that didn’t match their needs.

We knew that if we offer IT solutions that streamlined connectivity, resolved issues and offered long-term value then business owners would embrace it, not fear it. The only way to achieve our goal was to fully understand the goals of our clients.

Trusted IT Solutions Provider: In for the Long Haul

Over two decades on and our tailored approach has resulted in many long-lasting partnerships. In conversation with our clients, we’ve identified four underpinning reasons why they have trusted us as their IT solutions provider.

  • We fight the battle against rigidity
  • We choreograph the dance with evolving technology
  • Partnering with Flex IT means we both learn and grow together
  • If things go wrong, they know we’ve got their back

Flex IT began as a small, Oxfordshire business and our relationship with many innovative local enterprises continues, but we aspired to extend our reach. Through continuous development, we now serve multi-national organisations from three global offices.

Our growth has never been at the expense of our commitment to personalised service. We value every client and demonstrate this by consistently providing the most appropriate IT structure, security and support.

The very latest IT support and advice, coupled with exceptional customer service – why go anywhere else

T. Rowley, Flex IT Customer