Client Stories

Accountancy Practice

A system full of detailed financial records holds considerable value and is a tempting target for cyber-criminals. It is, therefore, imperative that accountancy firms maintain the confidentiality and integrity of data. 

This accountancy practice needed an IT solutions provider that they trusted to manage sensitive data and future-proof the business.

In our initial consultation, they stated that a security breach would be catastrophic to their business and their clients. Any leak of business analysis and forecasting or details of mergers and acquisitions could compromise reputations and deals. They also need to ensure compliance with industry legislation.

Accountancy practice IT case study

Flex-IT approach

  • Project

    To review current IT security, address security vulnerabilities and manage disaster recovery planning.
  • Timeframe

    The review and follow-up activities took place over a few weeks.
  • With security a priority, the practice was keen to establish full compliance. We needed to assess the measures already in place and identify vulnerabilities. 

    We were then quick to implement robust solutions to heighten security across the network and set up business continuity measures.


    We identified and addressed security gaps. With our ongoing monitoring and IT management, the practice confidently adheres to industry regulations. They can now assure clients about data security.

Services included

    • Risk Management Regime; understanding the organisation’s Risk Appetite
    • Providing Secure Configuration – Device Management, Business Applications, Endpoint Protection & Updates
    • Ensuring home and mobile devices and practices were secure
    • Implementing Backup Restore & Business Continuity for efficient incident management
    • Upgrading Malware prevention and User Privileges
    • Enhancing Network Security; Passwords, Servers, Services, Firewalls, LAN/WAN, Infrastructure & Removable Media
    • Educating users to build awareness of security measures
    • Providing managed support to monitor and maintain systems
    • Offering a ‘lock down’ feature which can be instantly activated if suspicious activity is detected.

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