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Resilience & Disaster Recovery across wide IT networks

Technology has made it possible for employees to collaborate, serve customers and oversee operations even when they are located in different parts of the world. Having meetings with overseas colleagues is as easy as with those in the office.

Managing Risk

Remote working opens up opportunities for hiring the best talent, accessing new markets and providing flexible working options, but it also increases risk. The challenge of controlling and maintaining devices and access to data increases as your IT network widens.

In the dance with technology, Flex IT enables fluidity whilst protecting IT systems from interruption. We manage risk with:

Reliable Internet – Trusted providers to minimise outages

Resilient Systems – Robust, protected and maintained IT systems

Network Protection – Controlled access & user management

Disaster Recovery – restoring IT after cyber-attack, disruption or loss of data.

Business as Usual

Dancing Through Digital Challenges

Embrace the potential of technology, without putting your operations in jeopardy with Flex IT. We build a resilient infrastructure to keep servers, files, emails and applications safe and we implement back-ups and secure off-site replication to aid swift restoration.

With a shared understanding of risk, we can plan ways to build resilience across the IT infrastructure. This includes mitigating human error through flexible working policies and staff training.

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Disaster Recovery

Business continuity planning reduces security weaknesses, yet accidents and incidents do occur. Through Disaster Recovery planning, Flex IT has a clear process to follow to restore systems. Understanding your critical data and network setup ensures we prioritise restorative action to minimises the impact of any incident.

We regularly review and test disaster recovery plans. The hope is that we never have to put them into practice, but we want to be fully prepared if the need arises.

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