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Autotrak Portable Roadways Ltd

Autotrak Portable Roadways Ltd is an established Oxfordshire business. The company had growth potential, yet this was being hindered by inefficient systems and outdated IT infrastructure. They were looking for a flexible IT solution that would evolve with the business.

Favouring a local IT provider, their project manager got in touch. In discussions, we discovered that teams working on-site had no access to internal systems, resulting in inefficiencies. Software and network services needed updating and we identified gaps in data protection and business continuity planning.

Flex-IT approach

  • Project

    To develop server & network services capable of supporting efficiency, security & growth
  • Timeframe

    We liaised with stakeholders and managers on a phased approach to minimise disruption.
  • In this project, addressing data security was a priority. We provided cloud Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and updated the existing firewall version and subscriptions.

    The provision of laptops and mobile devices, along with Microsoft 360 installation and migration, enabled the team to operate remotely. This flexibility was an essential requirement for Autotrack’s future expansion.


    Our solutions transformed the ICT infrastructure. The increasing efficiencies, capacity and security were a critical step-change in Autotrack’s growth. The new systems and configuration offer the flexibility to expand in harmony with the future user and business needs.

Services included

    • Implementing business-class cloud backup using our Backup as a Service (E-BaaS) solution
    • Providing UPS protection to Server and Network equipment
    • Providing next-generation firewall with updated subscriptions
    • Completing a full Microsoft 365 Installation and Migration
    • Reinstalling all Office products with the latest versions & enabling online access to applications
    • Protecting all accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA)
    • Implementing Microsoft Teams
    • Transferring the on-premises MIS system to our Xterity Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • Procuring business-grade laptops setup with standard configurations, encrypted disks, automatic patching and full malware protection
    • Full system installation through Azure and Intune platforms
    • Issuing field workers with mobile and notebook systems to enable them to have access to the MIS system, email and Teams

"Flex IT were committed to fully understanding our requirements and providing tailored IT solutions. With upgraded technology, we have experienced greater operational efficiency, especially for remote working teams. This has resulted in us being able to take on more clients"

Maria Fox, Autotrak Portable Roadways Limited

Project statistics

97.5% Customer satisfaction
100% 1st response SLA met

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