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Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of business data

Intellectual property, client data and employee information are critical for your business so they are valuable to others. We offer robust IT security to mitigate the risk of cyber vulnerability and to maximise recovery in the case of a security breach. When it comes to protecting your assets, we’ve got your back.

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Building IT Resilience

Flex IT implements the 10 Steps to Cyber Security as recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre. Our actions build resilience and reduce the risk of damage, loss or disruption to your IT infrastructure.

10 Steps to Cyber Security

  1. Apply a comprehensive, risk-based approach to system and data management
  2. Collaborate to build security that works for people in your organisation
  3. Design, build, maintain and configure infrastructure securely
  4. Manage and protect remote and mobile worker technology
  5. Control who and what has access to systems and data (Passwords, Servers, Services, Firewalls, LAN/WAN, Infrastructure and removable media)
  6. Install and maintain layers of Malware prevention
  7. Monitor to detect incidents and investigations into potential weaknesses
  8. Advance planning to ensure swift response to and recovery from cyber incidents
  9. Manage lifecycle vulnerability through updates, user education & IT security reviews
  10. Supply Chain security

Supply Chain Security

Point 10 is directed at us. As your IT solutions provider, you can be assured that our cyber security measures are always under scrutiny. We are Cyber Essentials Plus certified and keep pace with the latest insight to inform risk management.

We are not passive partners; even when everything is running smoothly, we are thinking ahead, monitoring systems and strengthening your system’s resilience to security breaches.

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Cyber Security Certification

Evidence of your commitment to security might be an industry requirement or necessary for securing contracts. We provide an assessment framework to prepare your company for full auditing by external assessors.

Speak to us about the criteria for Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS and GDPR. We will aid regulatory compliance and your moral obligations to protect personal information.

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