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SFA Oxford

The reliability, security and performance of IT are essential for business efficiency, protection and growth. When SFA Oxford contacted us, outdated hardware was having an impact on operations. They wanted IT solutions that would future-proof the business and enhance resilience, IT business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

With an assessment of the IT infrastructure, we agreed to install an on-premises, fault-tolerant, server cluster and data store. To optimise security and performance, we implemented a series of solutions to ensure clean, reliable power to the servers, network and communication equipment.

SFA Oxford

Flex-IT approach

  • Project

    To implement a new On-Premises server cluster and Data Store with substantial IT Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) capability.
  • Timeframe

    The migration took place over a few weeks, mostly preparation work to ensure disruption to ongoing operations was minimised.
  • As part of this project, we migrated email to Microsoft 365 and provided a supplementary email archive and backup.

    We also planned a phased laptop replacement or rebuild, with staff provided with a fully encrypted laptop with the latest operating systems. This enabled secure remote working


    Upgrading the outdated infrastructure has enhanced operational performance. With a series of security measures in place, the company has robust IT protection. Business continuation and disaster recovery solutions are also in place to provide further peace of mind.

Services included

    • Unifying and configuring Treat Firewalls with a good VPN throughput
    • Installing fault-tolerant Server Hardware & SAN RAID Storage
    • Providing UPS Protection for all comms & backend devices
    • Enhancing all access controls and security
    • Backup-as-a-Service (combining our Acronis E-BaaS service and V-Ranger) 
    • Supplementing the internet feed with a second connection
    • Ensuring VPN access is restricted to company-owned systems using Single Sign-On through Active Directory plus Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Protecting LAN and Wi-Fi networks with high-quality components, strong authentication and central monitoring

Project statistics

95.6% Customer satisfaction
76% % First time fix

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