Technology in Motion

We’ve Got Your Back

We’re not short of competition when it comes to IT support. When things are running smoothly, any techie can manage routine maintenance and updates. Unfortunately, it often takes a crisis to differentiate levels of expertise and service.

Even with robust security protection, technology can be corrupted and according to Murphy’s Law:

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong and at the worse possible moment”

The impact of IT failure is immediate and hard-hitting. As panic sets in, you need a trusted team with the expertise to swiftly take control and deal with the situation.

Protect, Support & Defend

When disaster strikes, we’ve got your back. We direct every resource into diagnosing the issue and tackling it. We prioritise actions that minimise disruption and isolate affected infrastructure.

Major security violations are rare, yet we keep up to speed with technical expertise to ensure we are fully equipped to defend you against cyber-attack.

With the cause identified and security gaps filled, we work on restoring or rebuilding systems. We only consider the job done when we are confident that our analysis and testing reveals no sign of weakness.

We hope we never have to prove our competence in crisis management, but if push comes to shove, we won’t let you down.

IT Crisis Prevention

With systems monitoring in place, we usually spot precarious situations before they become a crisis. When IT vulnerability is detected, our IT specialists act at speed. Closing down a server might cause a temporary glitch, but this action can minimise the impact and cost of a security breach.

With Flex IT, you can trust that high standards of cyber security are offered as standard in every recommendation, installation and upgrade.

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