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Our repertoire includes a selection of discrete products and services to form a firm foundation for your business performance.

Managed EDR

Managed EDR

Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR) - the next generation of antivirus. Protect your yourself from a wide range of malicious attacks, including crypto, living off the land, ransomware, zero-days, network attack and more.

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Essential backup

Essential Backup

Ensure your data is protected against loss, damage or attack. Our Essential Backup is a cloud-based, versioning backup covering files, email and cloud services. Ensure your data is protected and available for recovery if and when you need it.

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Email filtering

Email Filtering

Email is the primary business communication tool and is widely used by attackers in a range of ways. Email filtering monitors your email, looking for spam, phishing, malware; keep operating with continuity services; save to a legally-compliant archive.

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DMARC monitoring

DMARC Compliance

Protect your brand from spoofing and abuse. DMARC monitoring uses email technologies to ensure only your email is seen as genuine, that your email arrives without being tampered with en route, and that you receive reports about attempts made by malicious senders.

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