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Providing exactly what your business needs to operate efficiently

In terms of products and expertise, Flex IT offers everything you need from a professional IT solutions provider with a global reach. What makes us different is that our services are tailored to your specific needs; we battle against rigid thinking.

Smart & Adaptable IT Solutions

Consider us as your remotely located internal IT department. We provide the dependable, adaptable and secure IT solutions your business needs; nothing more, nothing less.

Technology sits at the heart of every organisation and our involvement in planning meetings can be critical to business success. We dance with technology to enable your business to grow and develop across the UK and beyond.

IT Frustrations Resolved

It is unlikely that you would be researching IT companies if everything was running smoothly, so how can we help? Share the burden, we’ve got your back.

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Enabling Business Success

If you choose to engage us as part of your team, we can arrange a meeting, providing options and quotes. We believe it is vital to understand your:

  • Business objectives
  • User needs
  • Client needs
  • Current setup
  • Challenges faced
  • Industry regulations
  • Budget

Only then can we start to advise on IT systems and cloud services to support current and future data management and flexible working. From that point on, we’ll be learning and growing together.

IT infrastructure for companies

IT Infrastructure

Optimising IT system reliability, performance, capacity & security

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IT security

IT Security

Protecting the integrity and confidentiality of business data

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Business continuity

Business Continuity

Protecting business information from damage or loss

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Managed IT for companies

Managed IT Services

Taking on full responsibility for all IT matters

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