About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our intent is to always align our social and environmental activities with our business purpose and values. We take out Corporate Citizenship seriously.

Flex IT Ltd is committed to supporting the environment in a sustainable way. We understand the importance of working within environmental regulations and approved codes of practice to ensure we limit the impact we have on the environment, wherever possible.

We encourage environmental awareness amongst both employees and suppliers.

As part of our policy we:


  • Ensure the appropriate method of recycling, refurbishment, or disposal of IT equipment
  • Promote the recycling and reuse of materials within our offices.
  • Encourage our staff to walk, cycle or take public transport where possible
  • Adopt modern technology to increase energy efficiency
  • Promote a paper-free environment in our offices
  • Ensure our internal IT systems optimise stand-by modes when not in use to reduce energy usage
  • Seek to collaborate with suppliers who have strong environmental policies