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Protecting the IT Network

Today businesses have a much more complicated network infrastructure than previously with information being dispersed, widely creating a complex web that includes servers in the cloud as well as on-premise. The network now extends to home and mobile devices with each of these “nodes” within the system requiring consideration. It is not just that they are subject to failure they could also be compromised and present a security risk to the business.

By considering the wider network implications we can advise clients on how best to ensure reliability and be prepared to withstand a disaster.

Of course, the Office Network (LAN) is important and its failure can impact the operation considerably if it fails or becomes overloaded. The LAN will typically be connecting not just the PC’s and Notebooks but also the Printers, Phones, other Peripherals as well as the Wi-Fi Access Points. It is important to eliminate single points of failure and make sure the network is protected from devices that could cause an overload or create a network storm.

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