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Wherever information is held it needs to be preserved and protected to ensure its credibility and confidentiality. This will extend from files, application data, as well as messages etc. Each different set of data have different requirements in terms of both the maximum period that you are willing to lose data on your systems because of an event (RPO) and how fast you can recover from the moment of a disaster to the moment you return to normal operations (RTO). These RPO & RTO objectives need to be realistic and the cost implications accounted for but they are important to determine so that the best fit processes can be implemented.

By employing a mix of technologies, we can provide flexible options to suit all backup requirements including protecting data from accidental deletion, mishap, corruption, malware and even ransomware. A range of services is employed using our Backup as a Service (BaaS) for cloud storage as well as on-premises storage to provide a comprehensive backup solution. Versions of files can be kept online for immediate retrieval, as well as implementing very long-term archiving.

Our Disaster Recovery (DR) as a Service (DRaaS) offers one of the industry’s most advanced disaster recovery services providing a documented SLA for an RTO and RPO you can count on. This service is not a simple restore from backup. Instead, it provides continuous data protection for a group of systems whose configuration and data are kept in sync automatically and can be recovered as a group. Our automated provisioning tools ensure systems configuration and changes are mirrored constantly.

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