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New Build Infrastructure

For companies that pride themselves on exceptional standards of service and facility, IT accessibility, connectivity and reliability is critical. In the modern age, communication technology, Audio Visual systems, digital signage and hearing loops are expected features in many public buildings.  

This demands planning, liaison with all relevant parties, quality hardware and software. Reliable internet and WiFi installation is also a must. When Flex IT are involved from the start, it is possible to integrate IT solutions in the construction phase. This was the case when we worked with an international company on new developments, across the UK.

Flex-IT approach

  • Project

    To provide the necessary IT infrastructure for smooth & efficient operations.
  • Timeframe

    Completed within the pre-agreed timeframe.
  • Liaising with the architect, building contractors and Open Reach, we secured fibre routes and a leased line to the new sites. We also collaborated with specialist equipment manufacturers to fully understand the project scope.

    Connectivity was achieved through network cabling across all three buildings, the installation of WiFi and the provision of hosted VoIP.


    We worked with this company on a series of new UK developments projects. Their exceptional facilities are providing visitors with a range of options to improve access and communication.

Services included

    • Providing & co-ordinating the installation of a Leased Line internet service
    • Preparing network cabling and fibre distribution across three buildings
    • Arranging a 4G Internet Backup Supply
    • Specifying network equipment including Firewall and Switches with UPS protection
    • Wi-Fi installation with separate networks for staff and customers
    • Supplying a Hosted VoIP Phone System with both desk and mobile DECT handsets
    • Procuring desktop & laptop PC systems and a printer
    • Connection to Microsoft 356 through Azure and Intune management
    • Installing malware and virus protection
    • Cloud Backup to protect local data
    • Ongoing support services

Project statistics

97% Customer satisfaction
75% % First time fix

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