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Mar 05 2016

6 ways cloud computing is changing business

1. Automatic updates mean businesses can worry less


Large scale software updates used to be a nightmare for large businesses. Now, updates do literally happen when you sleep. Most of the time businesses are unaware the software has even been updated. It’s just something that the software companies take care of. We say “worry less”, because most of the time it all goes smoothly, but compatibility issues do still happen. Take the El Capitan and Windows case for example.


2. Businesses can spend less on hardware and maintenance


Cloud computing generally requires less maintenance. IT support companies spend less man-hours on managing upgrades, installations etc. This allows businesses to spend more on IT systems that help their business perform.


Cloud computing requires less business hardware such as servers. All data can be stored on the cloud in a location away from your business premises. Businesses don’t need to purchase expensive on site servers.


3. Scaling up or down is almost instant


Cloud software is easily scalable. If you need more server space or extra services you can upgrade your license online. Cloud packages are clearly priced and you normally pay per user, or only pay for what you need. Software can now meet the demands of the business almost instantly.


4. Businesses can access their data any time and anywhere


Cloud software enables employees to access the same programmes at home and in the office. Employees can work at home if necessary. Collaboration and outsourcing becomes more feasible and business are more efficient.


5. Losing your laptop in the back of the taxi, isn’t the end of the world


Business information can be easily backed up and restored on cloud systems. In the event of a disaster where business computers are lost or stolen, the business data is remains safe and accessible.


6. Company work/data and customer data is more secure than ever


You may be wary that storing business data away from the business property in an unknown location. In fact, the levels of security are extremely high. Now, nearly all businesses can ensure that their customers’ data is being held at highly secure locations with cloud computing.