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IT Infrastructure

Your IT systems and infrastructure are an important component in helping your business to succeed.

Our dedicated team of IT professionals provide support and advice for all aspects of IT infrastructure by engaging with you to find the best possible solution within your budget. We can supply all of the major brands through our extensive distribution supply chain so if you have a preferred brand we can help.

“Our relationship with Flex Information Technology began in 2008 when they were contracted to support our 5 Crematoria and HQ IT systems. Since then they have successfully project managed the IT implementation of 7 newly built Crematoria and are currently involved in implementing another. Flex IT take responsibility for all our IT requirements and I am pleased to recommend them.”

Michael Hackney, Director of Finance and Planning | Memoria Limited

Equipment Supply

We source, install and support all aspects of ICT infrastructure so when you need PC’s, laptops Apple equipment, mobile devices, printers, phone systems, video conferencing equipment or display screens, we are able to find you the best equipment to suit your business’s needs. We can supply all of the major brands so we’re not limited to contracted suppliers.

Our experienced team of IT professionals will work closely with your business to find the best product by considering your budget, user’s needs, reliability, speed, efficiency and overall quality. Existing equipment can often be upgraded to extend its life cycle so that it can continue to be used or redeployed allowing you to implement new equipment gradually without breaking the bank.

By engaging with Flex IT we will be able to monitor the needs of your workforce and advise you about the correct level of ICT equipment so that productivity improves and costs are kept under control.

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Software Subscriptions

All of your software requirements can be provided by our team including operating systems, office productivity suites, digital imaging/graphics, antivirus & internet security, backup software, document management and much more.

Software choices present a variety of considerations and your exact requirements and future plans will be considered by our experienced team of IT professionals to define the best strategy for your business so that licensing and integration with existing software is not compromised. You may have or require a bespoke database, MIS system, CRM solution or a specific accounting software and in these cases, we will work with the developer or vendor of these to ensure the smooth integration and operation of all part of the software installation.

If you want to be sure of the best software for your business, get in touch with us, we will be happy to help.

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Servers & Storage Support

If you have servers, they will be the heart of your network and so they must meet the needs of your business plans. With sound and solid advice, reliability and performance do not need to be compromised by budget.

We can help select the best mix of On-Premise or Hosted servers to match the operational requirements of the business. Sometimes, capacity limitations can be overcome by taking advantage of network storage (often known as NAS), as part of the best mix for the business.


The server build should include redundancy and a manufacturer’s comprehensive support plan for added reliability and recoverability and, where possible, built with virtual server technology (we use the industry leader – VMWare) so that your business operation is not impacted by hardware failure. Building with virtual server technology means we can restore your servers quickly and even replicate the entire server to a hosted hot standby system if required, minimising downtime.


If you have a server and are worried about its performance, reliability or capacity, get in touch.

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Network Infrastructure

As your network expands to include hosted servers, area offices, home and mobile workers network security becomes an ever more important subject and requires in depth consideration. Flex IT will make sure your network is secure, optimised and providing effective communication for remote users and hosted servers as well as interoffice connectivity. We design, install and maintain cabled and wireless network infrastructures for reliability and future capacity. The wider network to hosted services and interoffice connectivity is provided through wholesale and partner relationships so that the best possible solution can be selected.

As part of your ongoing support the monitoring of your networks performance allows us to spot potential failures and security threats quickly. If your network is causing you problems or you need to expand your organisation, we can help so please give us a call.

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“Just over 5 years ago we decided to move from PC’s to MAC Mini’s and at the same time use a hosted email service. We asked our support company Flex, to implement that change for us and the transition was completed very smoothly. Since then we have replaced our old file server with a new Network Store, a new A3 Printer and additional MAC Mini’s. I would be pleased to recommend Flex IT.”

Matthew Roberts, Managing Director | Brackley Investments Ltd

Cloud & Hosted

There is a vast Cloud and Hosted Services market place and the wrong choice can seriously impact your business. We help with not only making the best choice but with implementing the final solution as well. Some of the attractions to these types of services is that they are scalable, have a low cost of entry, can be more resilient and have a lower cost of maintenance.

We can help with cloud services such as Office 365 and Hosted VoIP Telephony for collaboration or advising about the requirements for Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange, your MIS, CRM or Accounting Software as a Service applications. We can also help if your business needs additional and secure off site storage; with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services being a possible option. It may be time for your servers to move from On-Premises to a Hosted Platform as a Service so that your offices can have better access to information and applications, again we can help.

If you are considering using or want to understand how some of these types of services could help your business then please get in touch.

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With the progressive move to the cloud, your office’s connections to the internet becomes more and more critical. So internet connectivity is fundamental to your business operations – when it’s down so is the business. If you want a reliable superfast internet connection at the best possible prices no matter where your business is located we can help. Working with a number of different wholesalers, any type of internet service can be provided from the main Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


4G connectivity can also be used to augment the main internet feed by acting as a failover service in the event of an outage. Should the worst happen we can always implement temporary and emergency internet connections very quickly.


From leased lines to business fibre broadband, our team of connectivity experts will advise you on the specifications that will suit your business and its plans.


If you are having problems with your internet connectivity, need improved reliability or are considering increasing your capacity, get in touch with us today and we will find you the best deal.

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“In today’s economy, not being online is simply not an option and nearly every small firm I meet says that a fast, reliable broadband connection is vital for growth.”

Matthew Hancock, Business Minister | 2014

Telephony & VoIP

Taking advantage of a modern VoIP telephony system could really improve the way your workforce keep in touch with each other and with customers. We have saved our clients hundreds of pounds a year on their phone bills and increased their functionality.

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Financed IT Infrastructure

If you want to leverage technology to improve productivity, business continuity and flexibility and at the same time combine all your ICT costs into one fixed monthly fee, then this could be a great solution for you.

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