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Skills & Training

Our Skills & Teaching portal is available to our clients and provides their staff access to hundreds of short videos covering a multitude of subjects from Microsoft 365 (including Teams and of course Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word) Mental Health & Wellbeing and Remote Working, as well as essential skills such as Cyber Security, Leadership & Management, Customer Care and many others.

We know that productivity and effectiveness can be significantly improved by being better acquainted with the IT systems and applications users have – our Skills & Training fulfils that need.

The videos are short and sharp (2 or 3 mins each) and to the point, each covering a specific function or area. This means, finding out how to get the best from an application or improving soft skills does not disrupt the working day – it enhances it!

To provide this service we have partnered with Mi-Crow, a specialist on-line training provider with many years of experience in providing training material. There have always been a huge number of reasons why an online solution is the very best and now more than ever with people working remotely or on furlough.
The Flex IT Skills & Training portal is a fantastic resource and provides our clients and staff with world-class content created by first-class trainers – the very best there is to offer!

Our Clients can register and access the portal by visiting –

It really is “Skills & Training” Made Easy”!