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Ptarmigan Media

The Brief:

We have been providing IT Support Services to Ptarmigan Media for many years. The business has
grown substantially during that period and as a result a series of infrastructure and system changes
have been made.
Over the past 18 months, substantial changes have taken place to improve the overall resilience
security and performance of the infrastructure. Below are details of some of the recent work we
have been involved in. In addition to these changes, we provide IT support to the international offices
as well as the growing number of users.


Our Work:

  • Establish a Microsoft 365 tenancy with all licensing transferred.
  • Move email from On-Premises to Office 365.
  • Enable SharePoint within the 365 Tenancy.
  • Establish computer deployment through MS Azure using Microsoft’s End Point Manager
  • Implement 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to the Microsoft Tenancy.
  • Harden user access passwords and establish policies for security.
  • Set up & Manage Office 365 Backup.
  • Implement Microsoft Defender to provide Advance Spam Detection.
  • Work in association with a Security Partner to help monitor the Endpoint Detection &
    Response protection platform.
  • Strengthen VPN Security and Access to include 2FA.
  • Install Patch Management application to all End Points to ensure all systems are updated
    automatically and ASAP.


The Result:

The client now has a much more secure infrastructure that offers strong protection to both office
and mobile users. Additionally, the infrastructure is now far less focused on physical servers and as a
result, the overall infrastructure’s resilience is improved.