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Autotrack – Portable Roadways

The Brief:

The Autotrack management team recognised that a significant investment in IT was required to
catapult the business into the 21 st century. The outdated infrastructure needed a refresh and a new approach to both server and network services was needed.

Growth and efficiency were required by the business, however, operational disruption needed to be kept to a minimum. We were required to liaise closely with other stakeholders as well as the
management team to coordinate the changes required in a phased way.


Our Work:

  • Implement business-class cloud backup using our Backup as a Service (E-BaaS) solution to
    meet the business RTO & RPO objectives.
  • Provide UPS protection to Server and Network equipment.
  • Provide next-generation firewall with updated subscriptions
  • Completed a full Microsoft 365 Installation and Migration.
  • Reinstalling all Office products with the latest versions and enabling online access to
  • 2FA enabled to all accounts.
  • Implemented a Microsoft Teams environment for the business and all users
  • Transfer the on-premises MIS system to our Xterity Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Replace all existing systems with Business-grade laptops setup with standard configurations, encrypted disks, automatic patching and full malware protection.
  • All systems were installed through the Azure and Intune platforms.
  • The next phase will see the companies field workers being issued with mobile and notebook
    systems to enable them to have access to the MIS system, email and Teams.


The Result:

A total transformation of the ICT infrastructure, bringing efficiencies and the capacity to cope with a step change in business growth. The sytems and configuration leave the business ready and equipped to continue its expansion.


“We found Flex I.T and were very drawn to them in the first instance as they are another family-led business as well as a local business. We were sold on how very flexible their support structure is and the package they were willing to offer us. We needed to get the best package that ultimately is right for our diverse and growing business.”

Kyle Richards
Project Manager at Autotrak Portable Roadways Limited