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Our Team

Our experienced team love discovering and understanding new technology so that they can implement the best fit solution for you and resolve IT issues quickly and effectively.

In the fast changing world of IT we must be ahead of the rest when it comes to making strategic plans for our customers and regular training for the team is a key element to achieve this. We also set aside time to look for and understand new products and services that will benefit our customers. The team are regularly involved with manufactures to attain accreditation for core products and this means that the company meets the demanding requirements of being approved partners with the worlds leading manufacturers of IT products and services.

It is our vision to become the most respected IT support company in Oxfordshire by helping businesses succeed through smart and flexible IT solutions with quality support and service.


Team Overview


Flex IT are a tight knit team of highly experienced IT professionals who have been working together for many years. We have a very broad spectrum of skills and experience which enables us to deliver highly effective solutions and problem resolution for our customers.

At Flex IT we strive to provide a workplace that allows us to grow and develop as individuals with a common objective of helping businesses succeed through smart and flexible IT solutions with quality support and service.


CEO & Founder


I have always been fascinated by technology – it’s been a huge part of my life, starting in my teens with electronics through to the development of the digital age we have today.

My career includes managing technical and customer services teams for large IT systems providers and I have been fortunate enough to be involved with a wide range complex corporate infrastructure projects. Flex IT has allowed me to use all my experience to bring together a fantastic team of managers and technical support engineers who have the same passion for great service that I have.

Bridget and I love sailing – it’s our away-from-work passion, so whenever time and the weather permits, we are afloat. We have 3 sons with great partners and now 8 wonderful grandchildren. Good food, wine, music and photography (with the inevitable DIY) fill the rest of life.


Senior IT Support Professional


I joined Flex IT in 2010 from my role as an IT manager for a local company.  I’ve worked in a variety of technical roles, all have been associated with managing IT at all levels.  In my early days, I was the de facto local expert on computers when my office of twenty or so staff had only a single PC between them.  As IT emerged as a commonplace tool in the workplace, my skills expanded to encompass a broad range of equipment, applications and services.  This progressed to joint ownership of my own IT support company, supporting local businesses with their IT needs.

I’m decidedly a techno-geek, although professionally I understand that businesses need stability and consistency rather than technical change for the sake of it. I enjoy partner dance and am capable in a number of dance styles, but my two specialities are French jive and Dad dance. Otherwise I’m stereotypically geeky, pursuing interests such as computers, boardgames, movies, car tinkering – currently a Subaru enthusiast. Home life involves ferrying my children around, finding ways of surreptitiously throwing excess junk away and various DIY projects. My dream is to walk on another planet, although I accept that many people think I already do this.


Office Manager


My varied career includes retail management, accountancy and running my own successful soft furnishings business for almost 30 years. All of this previous experience helps me in the role of managing the office for the team as well as dealing with our accounts, licence and warranty renewals for both customers and suppliers. It’s a great job that puts me in touch with every aspect of the business.

Caring for my family is the cornerstone of my life and with 8 grandchildren and 3 sons there’s always a family event of some sort taking place. We enjoy traveling, entertaining and whenever we can sailing.


Technical Support Manager


I’ve always had a fascination with computers and what makes them tick. My grandfather had various computers for his businesses and I’d sit and watch him and eventually was allowed to use them when he retired. I originally wanted to be a programmer and at high school learnt a bit of Turbo Pascal in the computer club and continued my projects at home. I’ve learnt a little of many programming languages over the years. After taking a Web Design, Development and Management course with the Open University I decided I’d rather concentrate on server administration which has led me where I am today.

I’ve worked in various roles, starting as an Administrator then Support Engineer moving up to IT Consultant and nowadays Technical Support Manager.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my kids, reading, watching films, watching rugby as my knees no longer allow me to play, cooking and of course having come from a sea side city, the beach!


Technical Project Lead


I come from a mixed IT background working for both internal and external IT Support, supporting Microsoft and Apple environments.

My role at Flex is to look after the project side of things. As a general rule I look after anything “New”, this includes email migrations and system deployments. I also support the technical team and assist with day to day support issues.

In my spare time if you don’t see me behind a computer screen, I will be sat behind a drum kit. I am in a couple of local bands in the Oxfordshire area, playing anything from Beatles, Chuck Berry, Queen through to Amy Winehouse. If you want to talk computers or music pull me aside!


IT Support Engineer


I moved to West Oxfordshire in 2008 and began my career in IT in 2015. My interest in IT was sparked from building my own gaming computer. Since doing an IT apprenticeship, I have specialised in monitoring client infrastructures and helping clients with any issues they may have. I am one of Flex’s VMWare specialists.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar as well as playing video, card and board games. I love motorsport, rock music, and spending time with my wife and our 2 pet lizards – Lucy and Spyro.


IT Support Engineer


John has been working with Flex IT since 2008 and is our MAC specialist as well as supporting Microsoft system. John has a wealth of experience with MACs particularly in the print and design sectors.

True to my name, I like walking. Along with some friends, I completed the Thames Path from source to sea a couple of years ago, the Jurassic Coast last year, and with the addition of one of my sons, we are starting the Carmarthen coastline in October.

When I am not wearing my IT hat, I work as a graphic designer designing children’s books for various publishers, such as OUP and Pearson. I am married, with 2 sons, ages 16 and 18, as well as 2 dogs, 1 cat and 9 hens.


IT Support Engineer


I joined Flex IT in February 2021 after working for 17 years as a 2nd Line Technician and Team leader at Babcock International. My team and I supported over 40,000 users remotely, visiting sites and rolling out projects, while working with 3rd line departments on Networking, Server Administration and Infrastructure Upgrades.

I have used and worked with computers since I was a kid, building my first PC at 15 and have since built 100s of PCs for myself, family, friends, customers, and colleagues. I went to Kingston University and studied Computer Applications and have continued my studies ever since continuing to evolve into the experienced technician I am today. I have always enjoyed working with computers and actually worked with Flex IT in my early years at Octagon Developments.

Outside of work I enjoy working with my hands, making, and fixing things. I have recently bought an old Camper Van which I have refurbished inside and out, and enjoy going away for weekends with my wife. I enjoy playing and watching sports, although mostly the latter nowadays. I used to play Rugby for London Irish and although I have hung up my boots now, I still enjoy watching it, especially when internationals come along. I am a keen football fan and have been a Spurs supporter since my Secondary school days.


Office Manager


I have over 13 years Corporate management experience, working in various Commercial roles across Pricing, Contract Management and Product Development.  Since taking a career break to raise my family, I have kept myself busy gaining my AAT L2 and am currently studying for my L3.

I have recently joined the Flex Team as Office Manager and my responsibilities are to manage the office for the team as well as dealing with the accounts, licence and warranty renewals for both customers and suppliers. It’s a great job that puts me in touch with all aspects of the business and working to ensure we get it right first time, every time.

Outside of work I like to spend time with my family and having two young boys means there’s rarely a quiet moment! I’ve had a lifelong passion for horses so when I do get some time to myself, I like to get out for a hack in the countryside. My happy place!


IT Support Engineer


My passion for computers started as a young boy when I first saw my father carrying this fascinating box of lights into our home. I knew I had to know everything about it. I would ask Harry, our family friend and IT whizz, everything I could whenever I saw him. I would get my book of notes out and begin the inquisition.  What’s 386 extended memory? Have we got the enhanced mode on? Why does the sound not work anymore?

Harry soon stopped coming to see us (I don’t blame him at all) and the sound card still refused to work, so I took on the heroic task of becoming the IT technician for the family. (Queue the rousing music score and the valiant raising of the master circuit board aloft my head)

Twenty years and a Global pandemic later I’m still the boy who wants to know how it all works.

I am determined to be the Hero of my generation; crafting creative solutions to help computers work more intelligently and make your life easier.  We all deserve to spend more time with our families/friends and interests.  I believe I can help.