TechMoves - May 2024 Edition

TechMoves - May 2024 Edition

It's been a busy time at Flex IT, ranging from setup of hardware for a new client through to Information Security policies for a longstanding partner. But in this edition, the big news is the announcement of Jamie's appointment as one of two key ambassadors representing OxCyber.

OxCyber is a group of professionals offering free guidance on all things cybersecurity for SMEs in the Oxfordshire and Thames Valley. Whatever the question, the group is there to help. I hope you'll join me in wishing Jamie and the OxCyber group well in helping businesses.

Geoff Parkins, Lord of the IT Dance, Flex IT.


Keeping You In Step

Some current news articles that caught our eye, from the world of IT and technology.

Smart Moves for Smart Devices


Smart Moves for Smart Devices

Is your doorbell, router or watch a security risk? Using weak or default passwords for smart devices can leave you vulnerable to hackers. To increase consumer confidence and protection, a new ‘Product Security & Telecommunications Infrastructure Act’ came into force on Monday 29 April.

Here’s what you need to know about PSTI

No lights out for Leicester


No lights out for Leicester

Streetlights in Leicester remained on for weeks following a cyber attack, but this wasn’t the only loss of control for the Council. More serious outcomes included stolen and published data and disruption to the IT systems. Without a strong back up plan, the issues were slow to resolve.

Read Geoff’s post about this news story

Microsoft releases environmental sustainability report


Microsoft releases environmental sustainability report

The majority of businesses rely on Microsoft products, so it’s good to know the global company has committed to environmental sustainability. Their goal is to be carbon-negative, water-positive and zero waste by 2030. The recently released report details progress to date. If you are invested in a sustainable supply chain, it is insightful reading.

MS Environmental Sustainability Report

Generative AI from legitimate sources


Generative AI from legitimate sources

One of the major concerns about generative AI is protecting creator rights. AI can source images, music, text, video and audio content from the web, but what about copyright? A new certification programme will help to distinguish ethical AI companies that gain consent from content creators.

Find out about Licensed Model Certification


Tech Tips

Some tech tips to keep you on your toes, so you can get even more from your IT.


Understand the differences between data backup, sync and archive to ensure you retain copies of essential documents where and when you need them. Not Sure, then call us.


Are your Microsoft folders not appearing in searches? This is usually due to the cached exchange mode being switched on. To resolve this, follow the troubleshooting instructions in this link.


Brand your MS login page. More than customising the appearance, this provides authentication and is another step in preventing scammers from using default MS login prompts.


In the Spotlight

Community Collaboration


Community Collaboration

We are delighted to announce that our Technical Director, Jamie Read, is now a Lead Ambassador for OxCyber. This organisation is on a mission to advocate good practices and share knowledge to help local SMEs enhance cyber security. Jamie kickstarted his role with a presentation at the Startup Huddle, hosted by Business & Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC).

No Imitations With Flex IT

Do you understand the benefits of finding an IT partner? The value isn’t always clear until you see behind the scenes. The graph below illustrates the impact after a client that started using our DMARC services on 11 May. Red indicates malicious spoof emails and green is valid emails.

Email Graph

Equipped for Growth

We recently partnered with a new client before their office move. Having understood the requirements, we choreographed the steps to best meet their needs. This involved setting up new workspaces by installing internal cabling, providing an internet supply and sourcing new computers. They are now fully equipped for growth.


Preview Time

In the next edition

We'll look in a bit more detail at the OxCyber initiative, an update from the Flex IT karting team, and some more information about CyberEssentials.

If there’s a hot topic that you’d like us to cover, we’re open to suggestions, please give us a call: 0333 101 7300


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