TechMoves - March 2024 Edition

TechMoves - March 2024 Edition

Working in IT, one gets a perspective on the extent of contact points between a given business and their technology. There are just so many moving parts, all shrouded in tech-speak, all impacting everyone in business in many ways. Not all of them are obvious.

For example, who really pays attention to the details of their internet service, other than how much it costs? Renewal time, check the prices, find cheapest, 3 year deal is fine, tick, done. And yet, being on the wrong service will be a show-stopper. And that's just one example. Another is the furore brought about by the latest enforcement on DMARC compliance. Seriously, if you're not in the know, why would you understand the importance?

I love this stuff, and I love the fact that I 'get' the technology and how it benefits our clients, and the value that we at Flex IT can bring to their operations. IT might not be right for everyone, but I'm glad it's right for me.

Keeping You In Step

Some current news articles that caught our eye, from the world of IT and technology.

Big Switch Off


What is The Big Switch Off?

In 2025, all UK landline networks are being phased out. As a result, some technology that you rely on for communications and operations will cease to work. We strongly advise that you make it a priority to review and update your systems to ensure business continuation. Not sure - call for a chat, we can help.

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Spam Email

Unverified emails are being marked as spam, are yours?

Email is an essential communication and marketing tool for almost all SMEs. So, we need to make you aware of email sender verification. To reduce the risk of your emails being impersonated or intercepted, Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) is required. Our stand-alone service can sort this out for you.

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What’s your back up plan?

31 March is Easter Sunday, but it’s also World Back Up Day – a timely reminder to back up your data! 29% of data loss cases are caused by accident. So, avoid an error from becoming a disaster by using suitable storage for all business documents. Oh, and don't forget to test your restore procedure!

Click here to find out more about WorldBackupDay

Tech Tips

Some tech tips to keep you on your toes, so you can get even more from your IT.


Microsoft have just announced that several products are due to be retired in 2025 one of which is Windows 10.

More info is here

However, help is at hand because a free upgrade to Windows 11 is available. It’s straightforward for compatible PCs running the most current versions of Windows 10. You can check if PCs are eligible by checking Settings>Windows Update. If not, we can advise on version and hardware updates.


Scheduling tools work for emails as well as social posts. When you open New Email, select Options from the menu and click on Delay Delivery. Then, select a date & time to send.


Email signatures can be regularly updated, so use them to provide useful information. This might include Easter opening times or announcing your latest business accreditation.

In the Spotlight


Our IT Support Engineer, Rob, is preparing to put RAF Brize Norton and Flex IT in the spotlight. Having rebuilt his vehicle, Rob is ready to race in the UK Armed Forces Karting Competition rounds.

This year, his helmet will be fitted with a Go-Pro camera, so expect some fantastic footage of his performance! The competition features rounds in all parts of the country, from Scotland to Kent. We wish Rob and the Brize Norton team every success.

Flex IT's Boy Racer is Finding the Racing Line

Race Car


We’ve Got Your Back with Business Security

We gained a new client this month, but not in ideal circumstances. It took a cyber breach and email fraud for them to identify their IT systems were not sufficiently protected. When it came to the crunch, their existing IT company let them down. Now we’ve got their back, the issue has been resolved and we’ve reviewed and updated their security.

Another client has reported greater accuracy in identifying phishing links following a training session we ran for their team. With greater awareness of the risks and what to look out for, employees are now proactively enhancing cyber security.

Check this out- Protect, Support & Defend




Have you heard of OxCyber? It’s a local organisation aiming to encourage innovation, collaboration and excellence in cyber security for SME businesses across Oxfordshire. Our Technical Director, Jamie, recently attended an event and noted it was insightful and supportive. You might be interested in the monthly online community meetings.

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Cyber community organisation for all Oxfordshire SMEs

Cyber Security

Preview Time

In the next edition, we’ll be talking about how to build business resilience with Cyber Essentials and the new requirements for Cookies.

If there’s a hot topic that you’d like us to cover, we’re open to suggestions!

Let us know what would you like to see in our future editions by giving us a call : 0333 101 7300

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