TechMoves - February 2024 Edition


Suddenly it's February, Christmas and the New Year seem like a distant memory. We find that January - March is one of our busiest times. Plans get put off in the run-up to Christmas because there's so much to get done. "Let's pick that up in the New Year". Is a common theme.

Well, it's the New Year, and the Dance with Technology is in full swing.

See 'in the spotlight' for some of the activities we've been involved in. If you think IT is just 'Turn it off and on again", then think again. The range and variety ensures both we at Flex IT and our clients are always Learning and Growing Together.


Keeping You In Step

Some current news articles that caught our eye, from the world of IT and technology.

Lock Keyboard


Data Privacy Day was on 28 January. It aims to raise awareness and empower individuals and businesses to take control of their data. With this in mind, we explore the value of data collection in business, along with 6 ways to enhance data privacy.

Read more here.

Microsoft logo

Microsoft are trying really hard to force everyone to use Edge as their web browser. In a recent Outlook for Office 365 update, a new option has been added where you can choose to open links in either Microsoft Edge or the default browser. Here is 's how to change that in Outlook - Go to File - Options - Advanced – File and browser preferences - Open hyperlinks from Outlook in: [Microsoft Edge | default browser]

Click here to read what Microsoft has to say about this.

Emblem of FSB

Emblem of FSB


When is the Federation of Small Businesses not the FSB? – when it’s the Federal Security Service; Russian: (Федеральная служба безопасности (ФСБ)) which is Russia’s state security agency and the successor to the KGB. Here’s what the UK Government know about the Russian intelligence service and their hacking activity.
Here is a factsheet from the Foreign Office.

And here is a BBC report about the FSB.


Tech Tips

Some tech tips to keep you on your toes, so you can get even more from your IT.

TIP 1 - From  Ali.
Have you tried turning it off and on again?’ These days we refer to Restarting the PC or Laptop more often than not so that all processes and the operating system are restarted, It really does solve a lot of issues. Read more here.

TIP 2 - From Rob
Having Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled doesn’t completely protect your account from unscrupulous actors, Be wary of receiving multiple push notifications in quick succession and always ensure any MFA prompts are generated by you, never just accept a prompt.  Here’s something we published earlier.

TIP 3 - From Jamie
Whether you’re in the office or working from home you should make sure you have a good posture when working on your PC or laptop. Here’s some advice from the Health and Safety Executive.


In the Spotlight

Unlike many IT support operations, we cover a wide range of technologies. That means that we quite often get involved in much more than doing remote support from behind a desk.

The flavour of the last couple of months has been connectivity and networking. In the modern cloud-connected workplace, stable connectivity is more vital than ever. And with the forthcoming Big Switch-Off for analogue telephony services in the UK, changes are coming. Here's a quick summary of some of the recent projects we've been involved in:

Client 1: needed faster internet service

We've taken on a new client to support them and get them connected to a faster internet service. Successful outcome despite a problematic hardware failure needing our technician to pivot instantly to put a recovery plan into place. Our technicians always love a challenge.

Client 2: preparing for the Big Switch-Off

We've worked with a long-standing client to move them from their old FTTC service to a new SoGEA. We spent some time doing detailed testing to ensure all the digital services migrate successfully. Peace of mind for the client for continuity of operation.

Client 3: wireless network connectivity

Old buildings are very characterful, but thick walls are not great for wireless connectivity. We worked with a specialist to undertake a wireless survey of a client's old farmhouse, and to design a workable and sympathetic solution to solve their connectivity problems. We partner with a range of specialists to deliver the best solution.

Flex IT is the partner of choice for these kinds of major changes. We get to know your business so that, come what may, we've got your back.


Preview Time

Next month we will be sending more details and help about “The Big Switch Off” because we are concerned that businesses will be coerced into long and expensive contracts that are not suitable.

Also, coming soon we'll be offering clients a service to get them Cyber Essentials Certified. However, if you are in any doubt about the security of your IT systems get in touch now to jump the queue.



We hope you are delighted with the service we provide, if not then please do tell us. If you are then it would be great if you would write a short testimonial about how we helped you.

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