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Legal sector case study

The firm had been using an on-premises server application to manage the legal processes and document management. Access within the office was of cause straight forward, however, remote access was cumbersome and an increasing number of solicitors wanted to access case files when in court or working remotely. In addition, the VPN connection methods used were outdated and the servers approaching the end of life.

Adding additional security to confidential documents was also seen as an important ingredient to the proposed solution as was improving business continuity.

A series of consultative meetings and discovery processes were held with both the firm and the provider of the case management software in preparation for the proposal. It was decided to host the firm’s case management system within our Xterity Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Tier 3 Data Centre network. Xterity allows us to create highly scalable server infrastructure with a vast array of operating systems and network configurations. Most importantly we can install firewall devices to protect the configuration and add Backup as a Service (E-BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to the environment.

The changes to access methods brought the firm into line with the most up to date and stringent security systems. It also allowed the same levels of security to be applied to mobile and remote workers as those afforded to the office-based staff.

Another factor in the final decision was the ability to “Scale” the environment very quickly. The firm operated from two separate offices and each had separate case management environments. The wholescale change was deemed undesirable; therefore, a phased approach was adopted with the 2nd office being merged with the first at a slightly later date. This then allowed for the unification of the data sets and practices. In addition, the scalability of the Xterity IaaS solution met neatly with the firm’s plans for growth.

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