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Jul 10 2014

How we supplied Rural Internet

We have been engaged by a client over a number of years to provide a wide range of ICT consultancy and support services. Part of the work we do is to organise the internet and other communications services for their new sites. The systems used by the client rely on a good quality internet service and their new site in South Oxfordshire would be no exception. Not easy in such a rural location!

The new site is in a remote greenfield location and the distance from the nearest telephone exchange meant that the available broadband speeds were much lower than required. The installation and operational costs for a fibre Leased line service were very high and so as a part of our search to find a fast and cost-effective service we investigated the use of a backhaul service to Grove Technology Park using a wireless link. We maintain the network at Grove Park for the management and know that they have excess capacity on their 100Mbps leased Line and were keen to resell some of the capacity if possible.

We have worked previously with Trellisworks who are wireless deployment specialists and engaged them to undertake a full site survey, after our preliminary work showed that at wireless backhaul was feasible. Working together, we delivered our client the internet solution that they needed.

Rural internet connectivity is often a barrier to using cloud solutions, but we’ve got a great track record in finding the right solution. Our client was delighted that we could solve this problem by thinking a little laterally.

Just one of the IT support solutions we can provide.