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New Client
Feb 03 2021

New Client

We are delighted to welcome Autotrak Portable Roadways to our growing list of clients.


Autotrak Portable Roadways


Autotrak Portable Roadways are a family run and rapidly growing business. With over thirty years’ experience in supplying temporary roadway, pedestrian walkways, marquee flooring and matting for film/TV productions, concerts, sporting events, weddings, parties and other outdoor events throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. 


Organising an event or film location without the use of portable roadways can be near impossible, even when the ground conditions are considered good. Autotrak protects the ground and creates
an easy access and a base for set-up vehicles and crew using the highest standard of roadway and flooring. It’s our job to provide the best possible solution for any event or location.


Kyle Richards explained their reasons for choosing us as there support partner.


“With our growth and expansion comes new challenges and obstacles to overcome. One of these obstacles is ensuring our I.T systems are as secure and robust as possible. At the same time to progress with our growth as a business we agreed we needed to expand our infrastructure. We are by no means experts in this field and we needed to find a partnership we could work and grow with. Consultancy and expertise in this field is what we were looking for and this only comes from working with a high-end support provider.”


“We found Flex I.T and were very drawn to them in the first instance as they are another family led business as well as a local business. We were sold on how very flexible their support structure is and package they were willing to offer us. We needed to get the best package that ultimately is right for our diverse and growing business.”