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Business Continuity

Your business will need to continue functioning should an event impact on your IT infrastructure.

Flex IT will help you develop continuance plans to re-establish operations as swiftly and smoothly as possible from a range of scenarios through to a complete disaster recovery. Flex build redundancy, resilience and off-site replication for the IT infrastructure. We also use the most suitable backup processes so that your files, emails, servers and applications, in fact all business information is safe. By focusing on protecting business information from damage or loss Flex IT can make sure your business is protected from interruptions.

If you’re not sure how your business would cope in an event then call us and we will help you.

Everything we do is underpinned by cost effective, flexible and responsive support packages delivered by our professional team of support engineers.

Information Availability

Business information needs to be available to your organisation as and when required so that business operations operate efficiently. Hardware failures need to be considered as well as the accidental (or deliberate) deletion of data. It could be that a more serious event affects the office building or systems through to a complete disaster situation. By using email continuity and archiving you can be sure that you are protected from lost or deleted messages. Being prepared for incidents will ensure your business continues unimpeded by events.

Flex IT will help you to consider the impact to your business and create a business continuity plan with you which will have defined recovery point objectives and agreed timescales.

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Backup & Restore

Your company’s data is vital to the smooth running of your business, so having confidence in a backup strategy is vital. Flex IT has always focused on protecting clients’ business information from damage or loss and we’re increasingly seeing a cloud backup solution as being fundamental to that. We work with businesses to create a strategy that will consider all the different types of data and where the information is located. Once this is understood, we can recommend that most effective method for ensuring that your data is safe and that, should the worst happen, we can get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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