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SFA Oxford

The Brief:

To implement a new On-Premises server cluster and Data Store with substantial IT Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) capability. The old hardware was becoming end of life and did not have the required level of resilience and security. The requirement was to include:

  • Improved Internet resilience
  • Unified Treat Firewall with good VPN throughput
  • Network enhancement
  • Fault Tolerant Server Hardware
  • SAN RAID Storage
  • UPS Protection with extended autonomy for all comms and backend devices
  • Enhancing of all access controls and security
  • Migrate email to Exchange On-Line
  • Roll out new End Point systems to all staff


Our Work:

Install a pair of high-quality fault-tolerant servers with RAID disk arrays and dual power supplies in a VMWare mirrored configuration using V-Ranger Replication software, both connected to a fault-tolerant SANs array. 

Data is backed up using a combination of our Acronis E-BaaS service and V-Ranger all managed and monitored by us.

We installed UPS devices with a network connection and monitoring to ensure clean and reliable power to the servers, network and communications equipment.

The internet feed was supplemented with a second connection from an alternative provider. 

The Next Generation Firewalls are configured as a High Availability (HA) pair which provides an integrated cybersecurity platform enabling consistent security and performance across all network edges. 

VPN access is made only from company-owned systems with the specific client software using Single Sign-On through Active Directory plus Multi-Factor Authentication.

The LAN and Wi-Fi networks are protected with high-quality components and strong authentication all being monitored centrally from our NOC.

We migrated the email from an on-premises exchange server to Microsoft 365 with a supplementary email archive being established.

A phased plan was adopted to replace or rebuild all laptop systems with the latest Operating Systems, with each being fully encrypted. 


The Result:

The combination of all these various elements means that the client now has excellent IT BC & DR. Security and Performance are now enhanced to ensure protection and productivity. 

The infrastructure continues to be supported and maintained by us to ensure optimum operational performance and security.