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International & National Offices

We use remote monitoring and management tools extensively as well as automation which means we can deal will almost every aspect of the required support from our NOC. Implementing these tools as well as using an ITIL based Professional Service Management system to manage all aspects of support and projects leads to a Unified and Controlled approach to ICT support.

For the client, this means that issues are resolved more quickly and costs are reduced.

As well as consistency we also provide a strategic approach to supporting systems which means that reliability and security are significantly improved. This is of particular importance when the business is expanding into new territories.

International Office – Case Study

This client is headquartered in London and has grown substantially since we started to provide support for them.

Originally the Far East office was operated completely autonomously and operated on MAC systems which presented compatibility issues with the on-premises MIS system in HQ. A start-up US operation was established using locally sources PCs but with little security. Both regions were expanding therefore a better strategy was needed and the client’s management team engaged with us to embark on a planned route to unify the systems, networks and support.

Here are some of the key areas of the centralised approach:

  • Move as many services as possible to the cloud for all territories.
  • Made sure all Office Internet feeds were of a suitable quality.
  • Improve the network resilience in all offices.
  • Roll out standard Windows laptops to all staff.
  • Ensure all systems are patched automatically.
  • Move all email to M365 and use latest Office products.
  • Use the same end point protection for all with centralised monitoring.
  • Ensure all data is stored and backed up correctly including all M365 accounts.
  • Use the same Firewalls in all offices with consistent VPN links.
  • Enabled all data to be moved to SharePoint.
  • Provide centralised ICT support to all territories.

National Office – Case Study

Our client has its Head Office (HO) in Oxfordshire and has grown steadily by opening facilities in different regions around the UK. This growth has also seen the HO staffing grow proportionally, requiring a much more structured approach to IT. As a result of our involvement, the following strategy was adopted.

  • Every regional facility has the same systems configuration, providing simplified installation and support. We deal with all aspects of the installation and co-ordinate the Internet Feed Installations and work with the building project managers for Network & Data Cabinet Installations. Once commissioned we centrally support and monitor all aspects of the Infrastructure, Internet, Network and Phone System etc. for all sites.
  • Planned upgrades to ensure adequate capacity at the HO.
  • The rollout for new staff systems as well as replacement system are planned and consistent.
  • All office systems are backed up using our Managed Acronis E-BaaS service.
  • Rollout of Microsoft 365 to HO and all Regional Facilities.
  • Azure Joining all systems to provide management and security
  • Endpoint protection to all system which is monitored centrally from our NOC.
  • Backup of M365 email.
  • Ensuring highly confidential information is fully protected.
  • Provide centralised ICT support to HO and all Regional Facilities.

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