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Overview of Solutions

Here we have a selection of pieces that demonstrates the breadth and depth of the work we undertake and the type of customers we work with.

As an IT Managed Service Provider, we deliver holistic support services to clients who typically have sub 200 users. Flexible packages are created to meet the requirement and extend to include Technology as a Service, Consultancy and end-to-end Systems Refresh Projects.

We implement resilient systems for businesses as well as security fabric to “protect business information from damage or loss”. A wide range of replication, backup and restore solutions are matched to a business’s requirements following consultancy and discovery exercises.

We are Microsoft Partners with extensive experience in implementing both cloud and on-premises Microsoft Solutions including M365, Teams, SharePoint, Enterprise Mobility + Security, typically in an Azure AD/Intune network to protect information as well as mobile devices & application management.

We also provide dedicated hosted services for bespoke client requirements. Additionally, we partner with world-class manufacturers, developers and distributors who provide the “best in class” systems and services for our clients.

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Legal Sector

We are engaged with an eminent boutique law firm with offices in Greenwich and Dunstable who provide a wide range of legal service. This client needed better access to information as well as improved security and resilience.

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Systems Refresh Project

The client decided to prepare the business for growth and selected us as their IT partner. Our consultation and discovery meetings led to detailed cost and project presentations followed by a wholesale system refresh.

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Accountancy Practices

We work with Private Practices’ to overcome the challenges they are faced with in both conforming to the rigorous standards that need to be complied with and the need to drive productivity.

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Regional Offices

We cater to clients with regional and international offices by providing centralised ICT support from our NOC in Oxfordshire. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced engineers are supplemented by local resources that provide any site work that may be required.

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Research Organisations

Intellectual Property is hard-won. A lot of thought, energy, effort and expertise is used to create something special. Having it lost – for whatever reason is devastating. So, protecting that information is always right at the top of the agenda.

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Remote Working

The COVID-19 pandemic created a storm of requests for help to transition the clients to implement changes to enable staff to work from home. There are many examples we could share; here are just two.

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