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IT Legal sector

IT Services for the Legal Sector

IT Services for the Legal Sector

We understand the importance of security and reliability of IT services and infrastructure for law firms. Keeping that in mind, we offer the best support and security services tailored to the needs of legal firms.
From equipment optimisation to cloud platform installation, our services are designed to provide law firms with added value and help them increase productivity.

Moreover, we house a team of expert engineers who love what they do and adopt a proactive management approach, by constantly monitoring IT support and services provided.

Having worked with several different law firms, we’ve become experts in legal IT. We understand technology challenges faced by law firms and have designed solutions specifically shaped for the legal environment.

IT security and preventing cyber crime in the legal Sector

Maintaining confidential and sensitive information protected from cybercrime is vital for firms of any size and we make this our priority. Flex IT will protect your organisation’s data at every point, with a layered approach and a combination of products and solutions. Information security is always at the heart of the solutions we develop in order to keep your data secure in a virtual environment, away from network threats.

Contact us today if you need better IT security solutions for your law firm.

Managed services for the legal sector

Managed IT services allow you to migrate from a support service agreement to a more reliable and secure infrastructure that will ensure your systems keep on running and downtime is avoided. We replace all the hardware and software that is holding you back and monitor them regularly once you’re live on our service.

These services change the relationship into one where we act in the capacity of a complete outsourced IT capability and enables us to focus on delivering added value and helping you meet your goals through the smart application of technology.

Benefits of using managed IT services in the legal sector

– Proactive IT Support, enabling legal firms to spend more time focusing on core business

– Help keep systems compliant with best practice and legislation

– Keep networks free from cyber threats

– Optimise business processes, enabling flexibility for our legal clients to work outside the office

Equipment supply in the legal sector

We select the right technology for your legal firm, install it and support all aspects of technology infrastructure, to suit your business’s needs.
By engaging with Flex IT, we will be able to monitor the needs of your workforce and advise you about the correct level of ICT equipment, to improve productivity while keeping costs under control.

Our experienced team of IT professionals will identify all existing equipment that can continue to be used, and take responsibility for all your firm’s IT requirements to help you encompass industry best practices. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the best ICT equipment, tailored to your users’ needs and budget.

Servers and Storage in the legal sector

Servers are the heart of your network, so they need to be reliable and performant and most importantly meet the needs of your business plan.
Flex IT will provide virtual server technology, using the industry leader VMWare, to allow for a quick restoration of servers in case of hardware failure, and to provide a level of security that is essential to the core of legal firms.

Get in touch with us if you need a server better fitted for your firm’s needs and requirements.

Network Infrastructure for the legal sector

Network security is becoming ever more important to law firms.
Flex IT will design, install and provide ongoing support to your network infrastructure, to ensure reliability, high levels of capacity and avoid any outages.
We monitor the performance of your network to spot potential failures and security threats quickly and focus on delivering an optimised network that will bring added value to your firm.

Get in touch with us today if you’re experiencing network problems.

Cloud and hosted services for the legal sector

Cloud computing services enable the transfer of your servers from on-premises to an outsourced platform, hosted in a secure environment, and allow better access to information and applications wherever you are.
The cloud-based subscription services we offer, such as Office 365, will allow you to collaborate better with your colleagues, share your work and pick it up when you’re on the move, visiting a client or in court.

Flex IT will help set you up with the best cloud and hosted services that will meet the needs of your legal firm, and implement the final solution as well.

Get in touch with us if you want to understand how these types of services can help your law firm.

Internet connectivity and VoIP telephony system for the legal sector

Fast and reliable internet connectivity is fundamental to legal firms. Our team of connectivity experts will advise you on specifications that will suit your business and make sure you have access to a superfast internet connection, no matter where your firm is located.
Moreover, with a reliable internet connection, you can also take advantage of modern VoIP telephony systems, which is a phone service delivered through your internet connection rather than from a local phone company. This hosted telephony solution should help increase functionality and allow better communication amongst colleagues and clients while reducing your line and call costs.

It’s important for us to make sure you have a system that keeps you connected at all times, which is why we can implement temporary and emergency internet very quickly if needed.

Moreover, Flex partners with print companies, and can advise you on print solutions best fitted for your organisation.

Get in touch with us today and we will find you the best deal for your budget and needs.

Business continuity and disaster recovery for the legal sector

Our professional team of support engineers ensure your business information is available as and when it’s required. Your business critical files and emails are stored securely in an off-site replication to allow for smooth operation and quick recovery should any scenario happen.

At Flex, we understand how loss of sensitive information can affect your firm, which is why we make protecting your business information a high priority.

Contact us today if you need to create a business continuity plan and we’ll find the best-fit solution for your firm.