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Financed IT Infrastructure

If you want to leverage technology to improve productivity, business continuity and flexibility and at the same time combine all your ICT costs into one fixed monthly fee, then this could be a great solution for you.

Financing Provider

We partner with a wide range of ICT Manufacturers and Distributors to ensure we’re able to deliver the best-fit solutions for clients. An important part of our relationship with our providers is the product support they provide.
Exclusive Networks is one of our long-term global distributors and provider of cybersecurity products, cloud solutions and various services including professional support services for their products and financing & leasing. They provide us with technical support services and product training for security platform products.

We work with The Exclusive Group to offer their portfolio of financing offerings which enables our clients to get significant business benefits regardless of their size. By working in partnership with them we ensure the clients’ best interests for immediate and future equipment acquisition and growth.
We therefore provide a one-stop shop for ICT Solutions and Support as well as Financing.

Reasons to finance your equipment

1) Leasing is usually more cost-effective than using cash, due to:
– Tax efficiency- ability to offset lease payments against profit before tax, hence saving on Corporation Tax (subject to tax treatment/eligibility)
– Cash is preserved for investment back into the business, which will often achieve a rate of return which outweighs the interest element of the lease
– The interest rate is fixed, hence the real value of payments is reduced over time due to the effects of inflation and growth of the business

2) Preserves existing financing lines
– Overdrafts / agreed loan facilities are still available for other acquisitions
– Leasing protects capital and improves credit rating

3) Possibility of ‘off-balance sheet’/Opex financing
– Keeps assets off-balance sheet and doesn’t affect key financial ratios such as ‘return on assets’ (subject to your accounting status/policies).

4) Matches outgoings with lifespan/depreciation of equipment
– Better lifecycle management of assets

5) Can acquire ideal solution now
– Driven by needs not budget

6) Easier internal approvals for new / replacement / upgraded equipment
– Possibility of new equipment on existing payment basis, no additional capital investment
– Leasing provides anytime access to cutting-edge technologies

If you want to improve productivity, business continuity and flexibility and combine all your ICT costs into one fixed monthly fee then please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions – Leasing

What can we finance?

Everything that is provided by Flex as part of the Project or Managed Service.

Can you finance software?

Yes, up to 100% soft content.

Can you finance services?

Yes, up to 100% services content.

Surely financing is more expensive than paying cash?

Usually not, due to tax benefits of financing and ‘opportunity cost of money’ where cash is preserved within the business for investment in other areas.

What’s the minimum financing term?

1 year.

What’s the maximum financing term?

5 years, although longer may be possible for some companies/asset types.

What’s the minimum amount you can finance?


What’s the maximum amount you can finance?

There is no maximum! Subject to credit.