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What is Dynamics CRM?

Well, technically Dynamics CRM doesn’t exist anymore. Until autumn 2016, Dynamics CRM, was Microsoft’s business application that covered sales, marketing and customer service applications. Since then, the Dynamics CRM functionality has been included in a new, expanded product – Dynamcics 365.

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What can Dynamics 365 help with?

  • Sales management
  • Marketing
  • Customer servicing
  • Field service management

  • Project management
  • HR
  • Accounts
  • Operations management

What is Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s business application suite. It has functionality that covers everything from sales & marketing to HR, customer servicing, accounts and operations. Flex IT helps customers to implement all Dynamics 365 modules bar accounts and operations, where accountancy experience is required. In those cases, we have contacts with some great partners who can step in.

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Can I buy only the Dynamics 365 modules I need?

It’s complicated!


In essence, the answer is ‘yes’, but it’s probably best for us to chat it through with you, as the picture changes frequently and sometimes at short notice.

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Why do I need a CRM solution?

The answer to that question is many and varied.


Some of our clients need to get a better handle on their sales process, with better visibility of their pipeline. Some clients need to be able to service their customers more effectively, be it in a reactive, case-by-case fashion or by scheduling customer visits. Some simply want a more joined up way of dealing with their customer base, recording communications and analysing trends.


Dynamics 365 is a very flexible platform and is quick to adapt to each customer’s needs.

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How does Flex IT help?

Our specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy team delivers a wide range of services including building a tailored solution for those companies looking to utilise Dynamics 365, reviewing and enhancing Dynamics 365 for companies that already use it and specialist technical consultancy for companies who require audits and project rescue services.

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