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Jul 23 2018

What is a CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software system, these days often cloud-based, which stores and consolidates customer information obtained across business operations, for example, sales, enquiries, deliveries, emails, phone calls, meeting notes, marketing communications, complaints and support.


It helps everyone in a business to easily update records and to get access to the latest information. If the system is cloud-based, they can do this wherever they are, on any connected device


By providing a ‘one stop shop’, a CRM system keeps everything in one place, enabling everyone to access and update records and get up-to-date information. Beyond storing and streamlining knowledge, the CRM can provide analysis and insights to make communications more effective, develop customer relationships, improve retention and boost sales.


What are the benefits of a CRM?


Keeping track of customer data can be difficult. Every time a member of your team picks up the phone, answers an email, sells a product or makes a delivery there is a new piece of information about that customer which is invaluable information that could make all the difference when making the next sales approach or complaint answered.

The main benefits of using a CRM are that you:

  1. Become more efficient with information stored and ready at your fingertips
  2. Keep multiple teams up to date with integrated and synchronised information
  3. Improve customer relations, satisfaction and service
  4. Boost sales and customer retention
  5. Streamline operations with one system to learn and avoid duplication of data
  6. Assist cross-team collaboration
  7. Increase productivity
  8. Improve insights, reporting and more accurate forecasting to learn more about your customers and how to best cater to their needs
  9. Enhance and inform marketing
  10. Retain data securely even if you have a data disaster or an individual who handles key information leaves


In a nutshell, a CRM can make you more efficient and more profitable.


When it comes to CRM, Flex IT works exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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