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May 01 2018

How to protect your business from cyber threats

Each night, we check the windows in our office, set the burglar alarm and lock the doors. And that’s sensible because we don’t want anything to be stolen. But increasingly, unscrupulous types are seeking to exploit our assets without needing to physically enter the building. This is the world of cyber threat.


What are the common forms of cyber threat?


Cyber threats come in various forms. The people that commit cyber attacks generally have one of three objectives:


  1. Steal your data (hacking, trojans, viruses, spyware)
  2. Prevent you from accessing your data until you pay them some money (ransomware)
  3. Cause general disruption for their own amusement or anarchic reasons


The results can range from hard cash being taken to severe disruption to your business activities.

So we spend a lot of time talking to customers about how they can protect against these threats in much the same way as they invest in locks, shutters and burglar alarms.


What IT solutions help prevent cyber attacks?


Device antivirus (also known as endpoint protection)

At Flex, we believe in managed antivirus and malware protection. That means not relying on users to do a full scan or keep their virus updates current. We manage the antivirus solution on your behalf so that nothing is left to chance. Our solution works by preventing the malicious and spontaneous encryption of ransomware, protecting against trusted files or processes that have been hijacked. Our solution protects your business from all the main Ransomware strains including Rapid, Wanna Decryptor 2.0 (also known as WannaCry), Zepto, Locky, RAA Ransomware and many more.



Fortinet is the market leader in firewall security and we supply the complete range of Fortigate machines. These firewalls monitor every scrap of data in and out of your network to ensure that your infrastructure is safe. Malware and hackers are simply stopped at the source.

If activated and set up properly, these firewalls can also help towards achieving GDPR compliance.


Disaster recovery

As cyber-attacks can strike your business at any time we are also able to provide Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions. Our options guarantee business continuity and minimise any potential data loss or business downtime in the event of a malware attack or other occurrences such as a fire flood or theft. Most importantly, however, this gives peace of mind that your valuable business assets are safe, protected and can also be recovered and restored should these situations arise.


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