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Support Packages


We ceased doing ad-hoc break-fix work some time ago, as we don’t think this is an effective model long term for either us or the client. It had a number of disadvantages:

  1. The IT provider never really got to know your setup or your business very well.
  2. The costs were very lumpy, making it difficult for clients to budget.
  3. There was no provision for the IT provider to make sure that system monitoring and preventative tasks were carried out – almost guaranteeing a higher number of issues.
  4. Who enjoys calling (or being called) only when there is a problem??!!

Some of our clients have us available at the end of the phone on a retainer basis without us proactively working with them on their infrastructure and their business plans. But increasingly, companies see IT as an enabler and want us to partner with them to keep the number of day-to-day issues to a minimum so that we can concentrate on moving the business forward together.

As well as our full Managed Service, we have four support packages with increasing levels of capability.

Our proactive support packages start at around £3,000 per annum, but the costs will depend on the infrastructure, the support window and the level of involvement that you’d like us to have in your plans.

Please contact us to discuss your requirement and for pricing.