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Managed Services

What are Managed IT Services?

More and more of our clients are migrating from a support service agreement to our managed service. This wraps all IT expenditure into one ‘per user per month’ fee, giving your people the best tools to do their jobs. It changes the relationship into one where we act in the capacity of a complete outsourced IT capability.

After an initial assessment of your current setup, we replace all of the hardware and software that’s holding you back. Once you’re live on our service, we check all of the components regularly, replacing or updating them as necessary. This provides a reliable, secure infrastructure that will leave you to get on with running your business.

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Who uses Managed IT Services?

Of course, there are organisations that want to invest in their own staff to look after their IT Infrastructure. To employ one person with sufficient skills, incentivise them and keep them skilled up, typically takes an investment of at least £50,000 a year. Of course, this doesn’t deal with issues such as holidays or handling technology areas that are not in the skillset of the employed individual.

So for most medium-sized companies, working with a great managed IT services provider – like Flex – is the way to go.

Characteristics of a typical Flex Managed Services client include some of the following:

  • 15-100 employees
  • A business model where time is money
  • Multiple office locations
  • Too many IT suppliers to manage
  • An underperforming IT infrastructure
  • Underinvestment in IT over a period of time
  • Too much focus on fixing IT rather than using it to advance the business
  • Operational expenditure is more attractive than capital expenditure

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Why Managed IT Services?

Most businesses will go to professional services companies for accountancy, legal or HR advice. Managed IT services also fall into this category and an increasing number of companies are reaping the benefits. The most exciting thing is that using managed IT services, we can help you raise productivity, sell more, enable flexible working … the possibilities are endless.

As well as ‘keeping the lights on’, you can come to us with a business problem and we can help you with the digital transformation.

In the background, our aim is to provide an IT environment that ‘just works’ with our managed IT service offering. Not only will that lower everyone’s blood pressure, but, more importantly, it enables us to concentrate on helping you to meet your goals through the smart application of technology.

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What are the benefits of using Managed IT Services?

Our clients tell us that they see us as part of their team, helping us help them to utilise technology to meet their goals. Managed IT services enables us to:

  1. Optimise business processes, using digital transformation
  2. Take care of all the time-consuming and repetitive tasks, enabling our clients to spend more time focusing on core business
  3. Invest in the technical skills in our staff, because we have economies of scale
  4. Save our clients money, by looking at ways to optimise IT investment
  5. Keep networks free from cyber threats
  6. Help you keep your systems compliant with best practice and legislation

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What's Included?

Our managed includes:

  • Guaranteed internet connectivity.
  • Full cyber security including mobile device protection, antivirus and malware protection.
  • A fully managed, resilient network infrastructure.
  • A base level of server capacity, with offsite backup.
  • Wireless connectivity throughout the office.
  • A Windows PC or laptop for each user, suitable for general office use, with no machine ever older than 3 years.
  • A desk environment including 2 screens, a dock for laptops, plus a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint accounts for each user, plus a full copy of Office.
  • A professional telephony solution with handsets on each desk and softphone capability for use on the desktop or smartphone. Inclusive UK landline and mobile minutes per user per month.
  • High duty cycle multi-function printer(s).
  • Unlimited phone and email support on a 5×8 basis, plus 24×7 monitoring of all IT infrastructure.
  • Financially backed up-time guarantee.

We appreciate that this precise specification is not quite right for everyone. So as part of our early discussions, we’ll get the scope of the service exactly right for you.

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What does a managed IT Service cost?

The Flex Managed Service is provided at a fixed monthly fee, based on the number of users, over a 3-year contract.

Please contact us to discuss your requirement and for pricing.

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