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Keeping your business information protected from cyber crime is high on our agenda.

Every business is different but some principals remain constant; primarily one tool can’t catch everything, which is why we recommend a layered approach with a combination of products and solutions. We will protect your organisation in the cloud, at the internet gateway with endpoint antivirus and malware all offering real time protection. At the same time there are regulatory and business demands for your email and files which may need to be addressed.

Information security forms a core part of what we do to protect your business information form damage or loss, just call us for details.

Everything we do is underpinned by cost effective, flexible and responsive support packages delivered by our professional team of support engineers.

“Flex IT have been providing a comprehensive ICT support service to us for over 18 years and during that time our company and its reliance on ICT has grown substantially. Flex IT has implemented new resilient server systems, new desktop systems, a new phone system, upgraded our firewalls and organised office moves for us allowing our business to grow without IT restraints. They continue to support our infrastructure and advise on our ICT strategy and requirements. We have no hesitation in recommending Flex IT.”

Leon Samuels, Financial Controller | Ptarmigan Media Limited

Gateway Protection

As your business network becomes increasingly complicated requiring faster, always-available connectivity anytime, from any place along with the rapidly increasing sophistication of threats, it gets more difficult to protect your information, systems and applications from hackers and cyber criminals. It’s also important to stop access to known malicious web sites.

Flex IT will protect your organisation at the internet gateway using unified threat management (UTM) solutions, we can simplify your network infrastructure while delivering top-rated protection. With consolidation and easy management, you can focus on growing your business instead of managing your network. When we specify gateway protection it will give you the security you need today and the scalability to take on more challenges tomorrow.

If you’re not sure about your protection then we can help, so please call.

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Antivirus & Malware

Threats from viruses and malware can seriously effect your business performance and be very costly. Servers, PC’s, Laptops and other mobile devices need to be protected from the ever more complicated threats that can impact on the business information and applications. Blended attacks, ransomware, polymorphic malware as well as the more established threats, such as trojans, viruses, and worms can all be prevented.

To make sure that all points of attack are protected Flex IT will install email protection as well as real time scanners that can be centrally and remotely managed so you can be assured your infrastructure is fully protected.

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Email Protection

Spam is more than annoying, it costs business like yours time effort and money, A single email virus or email security breach can cost your organisation an enormous amount in damages, lost productivity and compromise your systems and data integrity. It is important to have a plan that ensures protection from email viruses, spam, phishing, email flooding, directory harvest attacks and denial of service attacks.

Flex IT implement highly accurate spam-detection and email virus removal products so you can be confident of having the least complicated, most effective means available of protecting your business email from spam and viruses.

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Mobile Protection

Running a small business today is challenging enough without ever-changing technology requirements and the use of mobile deices. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is common in the workplace. Workers are now accessing emails and work documents on their personal smartphone’s, tablets and personal laptops. This is great for productivity; however, it presents a potential security risk as not all devices may be as secure as company devices.

Flex IT work with businesses to minimise potential security threats and implement the correct security for mobile device protection and control to ensure company and personal data is not at risk if a device is stolen or compromised. If you would like to know more, get in touch with us today.

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“Despite the good action being taken, the scale of the cyber threat is still significant. 74 per cent of small businesses and 90 per cent of large ones had a cyber breach in the past year. These breaches can be hugely costly and damaging to businesses.”

Ed Vaizey MP, Department for Culture, Media & Sport. | 2015

Network Security

Your business information needs to be protected from damage or loss, we make sure your network is protected from external attacks and threats by using the best gateway protection and endpoint protection.


Working from home or on the move has many benefits, but it’s important to make sure networks are secure and employees are using this data responsibly. We can manage and control network access to prevent information being used irresponsibly.


If you would like to learn more about protecting and controlling your network access. Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to talk you through your options.

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User Security Training

Social engineering involves the manipulation or deception of individuals when trying to gain unauthorised access to computer systems. In social engineering situations, attackers need to achieve access to avoid the various preventative security measures such as firewalls. In short, we can deploy the best IT security controls in the world, but the weakest link is often unwitting staff.


Our services in this area consist of assessment and training.


A social engineering assessment will see how susceptible employees within your organisation are to various social engineering methods such as phishing attacks or Trojan viruses. We will attempt to deceptively achieve privileges and gain access to systems which are agreed prior to testing. Through the exposure of weakness in security, we will report on the vulnerabilities in a fully comprehensive report delivered face to face to enable discussion and full understanding of the risks identified.


Our training services can then be deployed to educate staff about how to minimise the risk of social engineering.

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